Valentines day bundle

  • 1 x Ultimate Travel 11pc Set, Blush 
  • 1 x Ice Roller 
  • 1 x Clear Quartz Healing Crystal 
  • 1 x Satin Sleep Set, Blush 
  • 1 x Metallic Scrunchies 5pc Set, Blush/Mauve 
  • 1 x Mini Rhinestone Snap Clips 2pc Set, Rose Gold


"The Only Valentines Gift Set You Need"


Cleanse bundle

  • 1 x Leopard Hair towel
  • 1 x Leopard Shower Cap
  • 1 x Dalmatian Crystal Facial Roller


Rachael, production coordinator at Kitsch

"I'm all about wellness this season, so I'm sticking to a self-care set"


Sleep bundle

  • 1 x Blush Satin Sleep Set
  • 1 x Blush Satin Pillowcase
  • 1 x Blush Multi-Way Sleep Scarf
  • 1 x Blush Satin Scrunchies


Nicole, Sales Manager at Kitsch

"I'm obsessed with our satin sleep collection, and blush is my favorite color."

Ashley's Aromatherapy bundle

  • 1 x Aromatherapy Carved Locket Necklace
  • 1 x Rose Quartz Healing Crystal


Ashley, Product development manager at Kitsch

“I’m giving everyone the gift of good vibes & relaxation!”


scrunchie bundle

  • 1 x Blush Towel Scrunchies
  • 1 x Blush Satin Scrunchies
  • 1 x Rust Tie Dye Scrunchies
  • 1 x Blush/Mauve Velvet Scrunchies
  • 1 x Blush/Mauve Metallic Scrunchies


Annie, Designer at Kitsch

"You can never have enough scrunchies!"


What our customers are saying about our Aromatherapy Locket Necklace

Jamie d.


"Love smelling my favorite oils through the day"

"I love this necklace! I've been trying to get more into essential oils, especially ones that help to calm down and de-stress, so I like putting a couple drops of lavender oil in this and wearing it to work. It's helpful to soothe me and calm me down while having a hectic and busy day. I really enjoy this necklace."

What our customers are saying about our Satin Sleep Set

Christine Barnard



"I have ordered several of the pillowcases including the pink and leopard. Wonderful for hair and skin. Nice and cool."

What our customers are saying about our Towel Scrunchies

Arizona 88


"Perfect and no flaws"

"It was exactly as i expected. Very happy."