Designer Hair Products

Kitsch is your resource for designer hair products online. We offer a broad collection of hair products, jewellery, sleep products, and cleansing products that contribute to your luxe and carefree lifestyle. Our products are easy to use and affordable. Shop our best sellers and read the product reviews to learn what other customers love about shopping with us!

Many of our products are must-haves for women with every skin and hair type. Even basic accessories like bobby pins and hair clips have more uses and add style today. Our scrunchies come in a broad range of fabrics, designs, and colours that look as cute on your wrist as they do in your hair.

Kitsch works in collaboration with Justine Marjan and Kayley Melissa to bring you even more exciting products to add to your beauty routine. These quality products offer exceptional functionality and great style that you will enjoy using every day. There’s always something new to add to your hair accessories wardrobe.

We offer the hair products online that are perfect for professional stylists and hair enthusiasts alike. Getting great results from your hair starts with having the right tools. You’ll find everything you need at Kitsch. Start with the cleansing ritual that’s right for your skin. Invest in a microfiber towel for better drying and cleaning of your skin and hair.

Our turban shower caps are 100% waterproof to let you preserve your hairstyle for another day or two. Make your hair styling efforts last longer and cause less damage to your hair. We also have 100% silk pillowcases and more for the ultimate luxury while you sleep. Silk is a great material for reducing frizziness and keeping hair smooth and untangled.

You can count on Kitsch for high-quality products that are effortless, elevated, and easy to use. We are a leader in creating designer hair products that work for every hair type, style, and budget. No matter what your level of expertise at working with hair, the right hair products let you elevate your hairstyle to the next level.