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Packing your favorite products can often cause a few annoying challenges whether you’re the frequent jet setter or just an occasional flyer. Kitsch’s travel ritual collection is here to help take even the most seasoned traveler’s routine to the next level. You’ll never worry about bringing your favorite beauty products on the road again.

All the products in our travel ritual collection are compact, light weight, and durable meaning you won’t have to worry about adding unnecessary weight to your luggage. All of the items, including our refillable flat pouch bottles and refillable silicone bottles meet TSA carry-on liquid requirements, so no second guessing your stuff once you get to security.

The entire collection comes in a variety of stylish designs in a range of colors and patterns that look just as good on your vanity as they do in your carry on bag. The collection is incredibly easy to use and our travel sets come with a mini spatula, a mini pipette, and a mini funnel for easy pouring.

The Kitsch Travel Ritual Ultimate Travel Sets come in a reusable travel pouch, and the products are dishwasher safe so you can quickly clean them for additional use in the future.

You can use the refillable silicone jars and silicone bottles to transport the beauty, makeup, and hair products you can’t live without. The TSA- approved bottles and jars are BPA free, non toxic, and safe for the environment.

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