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I wasn’t sure about a solid shampoo & conditioner but I love this stuff! I really don’t think I’ll go back’ :) My hair feels so clean and more body than ever. I have really thin hair and have tried many products, And better yet, I love not wasting plastics.


I can’t sleep without my Kitsch pillow case. I have four and I will never go back to regular pillow cases. And you won’t find a better price then right here! I bought my daughter and my 4 ur old granddaughter one and they love them! My granddaughter has to have her soft pillow as she calls it! So we have become a Kitsch family for good !!!

Heatless Hair

I have been using this for 2 weeks now and it is truly magical! I wash my hair every other day so on my hair washing day, I wait until my hair is 90-95% dry before I set the curler. I wear it to sleep and 6-8 hours later, I have the best curls. I make sure I make my curls tight so the curls start off tight when I unroll them, and I brush them out a bit. I then put some hair spray on the ends of my hair and I’m good to go. This is about 5 hours after I woke up this morning. I love it! I no longer need to put my hair in a pony tail and my hair looks just as good as when I curl them with a curling wand.