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Kitsch Satin Sleep Masks are the perfect way to get a restful sleep while experiencing the luxurious benefits of satin. Our Satin Eye Masks feel incredible on your skin. Satin is smooth and cool to the touch, and will not crease or leave marks on your skin after wear. It does not agitate your skin and is less absorbent than other materials - allowing your skin care products and eye creams to fully absorb into your skin. Satin aids in moisture retention, helping to prevent wrinkles and signs of aging overtime. Our masks are gentle on all skin types and great for sensitive skin. They help to prevent breakouts and acne due to decreased friction on your skin, and the anti-frizz properties are gentle on lashes and brows.

Our masks are designed to be easy-to-wear and effective. They are lightweight and have an adjustable strap for your comfort. Padding helps to block out any extra light by applying soft, even pressure around your eyes. This means you can achieve deep sleep at night or during the day! Plus - no slipping while you wear.

Our Pillow Eye Masks are an innovative, plush addition to any nighttime routine. They have extra padding that makes them incredibly comfortable and soft to sleep in; you will feel pampered just by putting one on! Elastic band stretches for a cozy fit that is just right, and increased padding blocks out light completely. Your pillow is soft, luxurious, and fun! Why shouldn’t your eye mask be?

In need of something extra special to treat yourself? Our lavender weighted eye mask provides a soothing experience while you rest, and lets you wake up feeling rejuvenated. The pressure of the beads provides a therapeutic sensation during wear, and may help with tension headaches. The beads simulate a gentle massage effect, and the infusion of dried lavender calms your senses and helps to alleviate stress and tension. This eye mask is the perfect way to deeply relax and give yourself a spa treatment at home.

Enjoy the benefits of satin and the complete coverage of our Satin Sleep Masks, all while looking chic! Pick from a multitude of designs and patterns. Our Eye Masks make a perfect complement to our Satin Pillowcases and Sleep Scrunchies. Bedtime just got better with Kitsch Satin Eye Masks!