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Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber hair towels at Kitsch look chic and feel gentle to your hair and skin. A microfiber towel is a fast and comfortable way to dry after your shower. Our towel scrunchies are a luxuriously soft way to keep your hair back after getting out of the shower. They’re great for all but the shortest hair lengths and they let your hair dry while keeping it out of your way.

Our Microfiber towel scrunchies are great as part of your after-shower routine. A microfiber towel is also a better way to take your makeup off. Remove dirt and makeup without harsh chemicals! The microfiber material is soft against your skin, so it doesn’t irritate. These towels make an essential addition to your skincare routine. They get skin deep-clean while always being gentle enough, even for the most sensitive skin types.

Makeup microfiber towels provide gentle exfoliation to help you prepare your skin for makeup. Prep your skin before applying skin creams and lotions for better absorption. They work just as well for applying makeup as they do for removing it.

Microfiber hair towels offer several benefits, including their ability to absorb more water. The high number of fibers used to make the material absorbs more water for faster drying. They are also environmentally friendly, healthier, and they provide cost savings over other options. Microfiber towels are also more effective at cleaning.

If you have thick or long hair, our microfiber towels for hair are a must for you. Take the frizz out of your curls and look stunning while your hair dries. Choose from white or tropical print styles to wear on your head. Also, check out our other hair accessories to keep your hair looking its best right after the shower and beyond.