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With over 2 Million followers on Tiktok and 1 Million on IG, Hair by Chrissy is a leading professional in the hair care space.

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Patented Innovation

The Ponyfull

I love it! This little thing is AMAZING. Will never wear another ponytail without it! Easy to put in and take out and the impact is 1000% fuller looking.

Olivia L.
677 reviews
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Best Seller

The Original Heatless Curling Set

6537 Reviews

I love this so freaking much. I have pretty fine hair which usually does what I tell it to, but curls will fall within a few hours max. With this, my curls looked full and perfect even as I was going to bed the next night!!!! I swear I can tell my hair is already healthier bc I’m using so much less heat on it!!!
I’m a super light sleeper so thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep well while using it but it’s absolutely no problem. I haven’t gotten so many compliments on my hair like…. maybe ever. I cannot recommend this more, it works like a frickin charm for me!

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Going Fast

Eco-Friendly Jumbo Claw Clip

137 Reviews

This clip holds all of my hair so well! And it is so very attractive, sturdy and versatile. I am very happy with my purchase.🌺

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No Snag Elastics

Makes doing fun hairstyles like bubble braids super simple. Easy to take out and doesn’t rip my hair out. Just love them!

Hannah H.
677 reviews
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