Enjoy the Best Sleep of Your Life (Every Night!) With Luxe Satin

4.9/5.0 (Based on 7,094 Reviews)

Discover your most luxurious sleep ever with our skin-and-hair-loving Satin Pillowcase bundle including 2 luxury pillowcases. Wake up flawless and protected from wrinkles, frizz, and creased lashes thanks to cooling vegan satin that feels as soft as a cloud. (Bonus: Experience the satisfaction of a full-satin routine with a limited-edition adjustable sleep mask and satin scrunchie!)

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I will never use another material or brand again! After just a few weeks my acne-prone skin is feeling so much nicer, and my hair is keeping cleaner longer!

- Cait A.

I love these pillowcases for my curls and skin. The zipper is an unexpected bonus...the pillow never comes out of its pillowcase and doesn't get all twisted.

- Rachael S.

I can’t sleep without my KITSCH pillow case. I have four, and I will never go back to regular pillow cases. And you won’t find a better price than right here!

- Shannon V.

These pillows are amazing. So soft. Stay cool. And I am absolutely obsessed with this sunset tie dye print! I would most certainly recommend. I bought 5!!!

- Ashley S.

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Discover the Beauty-Boosting
Power of Satin

Protect your skin’s moisture barrier while you sleep

Unlike drying cotton, satin won’t sap your skin’s moisture overnight (which is the time of day when it’s in “recovery mode” and most vulnerable to damaging water loss.)

Stay cool & comfortable all night

Temperature-regulating satin stays cool in the heat, so you never have to worry about flipping your pillow to the “cool side” or taking off your too-hot eye mask in the middle of the night.

Maintain smooth, healthy hair & lashes

The luxurious slip of our premium satin pillowcases, scrunchie, and eye mask cushions your hair and lashes from friction that causes breakage and frizz.

Fend off signs of premature aging

Our zipper-secured satin pillowcase doesn’t bunch or drag against skin, which means no more abrasive crease-marks on your face that can lead to premature wrinkles.

Curate a Luxury Bedtime Experience With 6 Exclusive Styles

Choose from 6 carefully curated bundles for your best beauty sleep ever. Each bundle includes 2 zippered premium satin pillowcases, a Satin Sleep scrunchie, and a fully adjustable, weighted Satin Sleep eye mask to bring a touch of style and pampering to your evening routine.

Experience High-End Comfort That Boosts Your Beauty While You Sleep

4.9/5.0 (Based on 7,094 Reviews)

Here’s a secret: beauty isn’t actually pain. Beauty thrives on delicate touch and gentle maintenance that brings out your glow and makes you feel fabulous. That’s why the KITSCH Satin Sleep bundle is so loved: it combines the luxury experience of well-curated satin essentials with the real skin and hair benefits of frictionless sleep.

With 2 tangle-free zippered pillowcases, a premium satin scrunchie, & a weighted satin eye mask, the Satin Sleep bundle covers all your beauty bases overnight, so you can wake up rested and beautiful.

$55.00 USD

$38.00 USD

More colors

Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $9.50 with Afterpay
Free shipping over $40
90-day Happiness Guarantee!

Vegan & Cruelty-Free




Cotton Pillowcases Break Hair, Crease Skin & Accelerate Premature Aging

Cotton might seem breathable and natural, but it’s actually the culprit of all kinds of damage to your skin and hair. Cotton pillowcases:

Steal away skin care products and natural moisture from your face

Create friction that leads to wrinkles & blemishes

Tug at strands of hair to cause frizz and breakage

KITSCH’s tight-weave premium satin provides both temperature regulation and slip, so you get the breathability of cotton without any of the damage.

Time to Enjoy Silky-Soft Breathability All Night Long

I sleep SO much deeper and feel like my hair looks healthier already. Plus I love how cute the leopard print pillow case is. Added bonus is supporting other women, as I too am an entrepreneur!

- Karen H.

I have extremely long hair, and it would get frayed at night while sleeping.This gorgeous pillow case feels like heaven on my face, and keeps my hair from fraying and knotting up, while sleeping.

- Shannon R.

I've been skeptical about the hype of satin pillowcases and have purchased a couple in the past. These pillows are a LIFE CHANGER. The material is thin (in a good way) and gives off an airy feeling.

- Alyssa G.

Why KITSCH Fans Will “Never Use Another Brand Again”

While cotton pillowcases crease your skin and cause frizz, conventional silk pillowcases cost $$$ and raise serious concerns about ethical sourcing. KITSCH makes the deluxe beauty sleep experience attainable, vegan, and stylish with the Satin Sleep bundle.

  Conventional Silk Pillowcase Conventional Cotton Pillowcase
Smoothes hair & skin
Zippered pillowcase for
no-twist security
Affordably priced
Cruelty-free & vegan
Includes deluxe sleep

Making Daily Luxury Accessible to All Since 2010

Our female Founder & CEO, Cassandra Thurswell, came from a small town with a big dream and even more determination. Built on the belief that everyone deserves a touch of luxury in their day-to-day lives, KITSCH has grown into a powerful lifestyle brand that’s lifting up lives across the country through high-quality care & passion-driven products.

Today, we’re committed to creating premium, affordable products that are effortless, elevated, and easy to use. As a woman-owned company, KITSCH is proud to extend those little moments of luxury into the nighttime routines of thousands of women across the country with our Satin Sleep line.

At KITSCH, we hope to empower you to feel fabulous every day (and night!), no matter your hair type, style or budget.

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Your Most Common Satin
Sleep Questions, Answered

How do I wash my satin pillowcases?

Flip them inside out, hand-wash, and hang them to dry. You can also wash them on a delicate cycle with light detergent — we recommend using a garment bag. Do NOT put your satin pillowcases in the dryer.

Will these pillowcases fit my pillow?

The pillowcases included in the Sleep Bundle are Standard-sized, which mean that they fit Standard and Queen-sized pillows.

Why should I switch to satin?

There are countless benefits to switching from cotton to satin pillowcases, but a few important ones are smoother hair, less friction and premature wrinkling, temperature regulation, and better moisture retention in your hair and skin.

Where does KITSCH ship?

KITSCH currently ships to all states in the US and has international shipping available. We have different shipping methods + rates available, the best way to find an accurate shipping cost is during order check out.

What’s your return policy?

KITSCH offers free returns within 60 days of delivery, 100% satisfaction guarantee!