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Hair Ties, Headbands & Jewelry by Kitsch | Glossary

What is Kitsch? 

"Kitsch is when you find beauty in something token, something others might not understand.  It defies critical thought and logic, much like love."

Cassandra Morales (Co-founder of Kitsch)

The founders of Kitsch noticed that drugstore, and even specialty hair ties, were only being made for utilitarian purposes.  Tired of only being exposed to hair ties that come in basic colors and plain styles, Kitsch co-founder and designer Cassandra Morales saw the opportunity to design hair ties that were functional but looked stylish in a variety of hairstyles and on the wrist.  

With her extensive experience as an international private label jewelry designer, Cassandra has created the best elastic hair ties with a knot on the market.  Kitsch hair ties come in a variety of incredible colors and prints and add that special something to any hairstyle and overall look. Not only do Kitsch hair ties look exceptional, they secure your hair and are built to last because we use the highest quality elastic and treat them to never fray.  At Kitsch, we believe that the things you may think go unnoticed, have the ability to become something beautiful, something Kitsch.

How can I stay connected to Kitsch?

Kitsch loves staying connected and communicating with our fans!  On our Facebook page, you can find updates on all things Kitsch.  Not only do we post about the newest designs and ways to use Kitsch, you can show us how you like to wear your Kitsch!  Our fans are able to connect with each other about on-trend hairstyles using Kitsch hair ties, and are able to enter our fantastic giveaways and even vote on potential new colorways and styles.  Feel free to become a part of the Kitsch family and "Like" us on Facebook! Kitsch's Facebook fan-base is growing everyday but if you don't have a Facebook or wanted to stay even more connected you can follow us on our Instagram and Twitter!  Kitsch loves Instagram because not only are we are able to show our fans the latest happenings at Kitsch, but  you can get creative and send us how you wear your Kitsch!  We get excited to check our Instagram everyday and see what cool pictures our fans are uploading featuring our hair ties.  Please follow us on Instagram at "kitsch_hair_ties" and Tweet us at www.twitter.com/mykitschties and show us how you rock your Kitsch!

What is a Hair Tie?

If you're a girl (or even a guy!) you've probably used a hair tie at some point in your life.  The hair tie goes by many nicknames including bobble, ponytailer, ponytail holder, hair band and hair binder and remains a standard hair necessity since its creation. A hair tie is primarily used to secure hair, particularly long hair, into a variety of hairstyles. Hair ties are useful in securing one's hair back to keep it away from the face and to achieve fun hairdos. A new trend of hair tie started to emerge in 2009 made from a strip elastic with the two ends tied into a knot.  Kitsch hair ties has become the leading hair tie manufacturer of this type of hair tie because of the incredible quality fabric we use and our one-of-a-kind designs.  Kitsch hair ties are particularly popular because they are gentle on your hair, never snagging or breaking it while at the same time, work as a stylish bracelet on your wrist.

What is elastic?

Elastic is made up of interwoven strands of rubber or an imitative synthetic fiber.  Many times, hair ties have too much elasticity, which creates unwanted dents or creases in hair.  Other times, the elasticity is lacking particularly in the popular hair ties with a knot.  Luckily, the Kitsch team has designed the perfect elastic hair tie that keeps your hair secure, while never leaving a dent in your hair.  Kitsch's woven elastic has 40% stretch, and fantastic resiliency.  The Kitsch team is dedicated to maintaining only the highest quality elastic hair ties.  Many women work at the Kitsch office so we believe in making a product that we ourselves love to use.  We wear our hair ties everyday because of the unparalleled elasticity that never dents our hair, or our wrists.

What is a headband?

Not only does Kitsch produce the best hair ties around, we also sell headbands!  Headbands are a clothing accessory worn in the hair or usually to hold hair away from the face or eyes. They generally consist of a loop of elastic material or a horseshoe-shaped piece of flexible plastic or metal.  They come in assorted shapes and sizes and are used for both fashion and practical/utilitarian purposes.  At Kitsch, our handbands mirror our hair ties, except they are longer to fit around your hair.  We've gotten rave reviews for our headbands because they stay fastened to your head but never make your head sore.  Girls love our colors and prints because they always look great accompanying any style of outfit.  Additionally, we have received amazing feedback from athletes and yogis who love how our headbands never slide off their head and always look great.

What is a bracelet?

The wonderful thing about kitsch hair ties is that they're not only great on your hair, but they also double as a chic bracelet. With a multitude of colors and textures, when worn on your wrist our elastics work as a hair tie in disguise. A bracelet is defined as a piece of jewelry that is worn around one's wrist and our hair ties definitely fit the bill. With kitsch hair ties, you can layer and stack them to create amazing bracelet  color combinations on your arm or try them around your ankle while at the beach for a cute anklet!  And don't forget, Kitsch headbands can also be used as a bracelet if you double or sometimes triple wrap them around your wrist as needed.

What is glitter?

Technically speaking, glitter is defined as an assortment of very small pieces of  combined plastics, aluminum foil or other materials painted in metallic, neon and iridescent colors to reflect light in to give that special eye-catching sparkle. The best part about Kitsch glitter hair ties is that they are specially designed never to shed a speck of glitter on your hair, wrist or clothes!  Kitsch hair ties come in a variety of different glitter combinations, check out our metallic mix featuring gold, silver, gunmetal and black, or our Berry Bling hair ties with sparkling  blues, deep purples and vibrant greens!

What is tie-die?

Kitsch loves tie-dying hair ties in beautiful, contrasty tones. We used the highest quality, professional dies and treatments on our hair ties to ensure our colors stay bright and never bleed, guaranteed! Tie-dye is known as pattern or selective dyeing of material made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton, but in our case nylon and typically using bright colors. This popular trend is a modern day version of dyeing methods that have been used for hundreds of years in many cultures throughout the world. "Tie-dye" can also mean a special type of pattern or an item which features this pattern. Tie-dyeing became fashionable in the America in the late 1960s and early 70s as part of the hippie culture.  Check out our Flower Child hair tie collection, inspired by Woodstock.  These hair ties feature a world a swirling colors, sure to transport you to a field of sunflowers.

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