Ensemble Sommeil de Rêve en Ivoire
Ivory 4-Pack Pillowcase Bundle (Free Eye Mask) - KITSCH
Ensemble Sommeil de Rêve en Ivoire
Ensemble Sommeil de Rêve en Ivoire
Ensemble Sommeil de Rêve en Ivoire

Ensemble Sommeil de Rêve en Ivoire

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Nos taies d'oreiller en satin de luxe sont votre nouvelle nécessité nocturne. Leur fabrication en satin doux n'agitera pas vos mèches pendant que vous dormez, vous permettant de vous réveiller sans frisottis et prête à affronter la journée !

Comprend :

4 taies d'oreiller en satin ivoire (26 x 19 pouces) avec fermeture éclair
1X masque pour les yeux en satin léopard.

4 Reasons Why Millions of Women are Switching to Kitsch's Pillowcase

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1. our best seller

Over 2 million pillowcases sold. The softest, smoothest satin on the market.

2. happier skin

Smooth, breathable satin can help fights skin creases, blemishes & irritation so you can wake up fresh-faced.

3. less breakage

Goodbye, bedhead! Silky, frictionless satin protects against frizz, tangles & tugging on your hair.

4. stays cool

There’s always a cool side of the pillow. Satin regulates temperatures to keep you dry & comfy all night.

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Our Story

Founded by Wisconsin native Cassandra Thurswell at the age of 25, Kitsch is a global beauty powerhouse built on positivity and pure hard work. The brand supports its growing community with easy, elevated beauty solutions that are totally reliable, truly special, and made as sustainably as possible. Beginning in 2010 with a business plan no longer than a paragraph, Kitsch now supplies a full range of beauty favorites in over 20,000 retail locations worldwide. A prominent entrepreneur featured in Forbes and Inc., Cassandra continues to create elevated, sustainable beauty solutions for every moment of the day.

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