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Shop from our huge collection of scrunchies at Kitsch online! We are a leading resource for hair scrunchies in Australia. The idea behind scrunchies is a simple one: they keep your hair in place while accessorising your outfit at the same time.

If your hair is at least shoulder length, you probably wear your hair up at least part of the time. Unlike hair elastics, scrunchies are comfortable, and they don’t harm your hair. Elastics hold onto hair, pulling and breaking it. Wearing them regularly can lead to serious damage to your hair. They cause your hair to get kinks and snap apart at the most inopportune times.

Scrunchies are versatile enough to pull your hair up into a ponytail or to hold your hair up into a half-up style. Our range of fabrics and colours gives you choices to wear with any ensemble. When you’re ready to take your hair down, there’s no pulling or tangles to deal with. You can even sleep comfortably in them and wake up with soft waves in your hair.

Another reason for buying scrunchies instead of elastics is that they’re less likely to break and they’re almost impossible to lose. You can keep and wear the same scrunchies time and time again.

Looking for something elegant for a special occasion? Our velvet, metallic, and scarf scrunchies are perfect for those special occasions. We also have everything from faux fur to silk. Buy a pack of matte or neutral colours for versatile everyday wear. There are also scrunchies in fashion colours to go with your trendy outfits.

Kitsch makes getting all the hair scrunchies you need for your casual to evening wear easy. Shop in one convenient place for hair scrunchies, jewelry, silk sleep products, and luxury products for the bath. We are committed to creating high-quality products that will become your everyday essentials.